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Visa-Free Entry

According to the Russian Federation law, cruise passengers are the only category of tourists visiting Russia who are allowed to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation without visa for up to 72 hours.

However, cruise passengers can stay in Russia for 72 hours without visas only if they have booked tours through the companies officially licensed by the Russian government. Such companies will supply you with a tour ticket, which is called a blanket visa or booking confirmation, and let you pass the customs/immigration offices without any other documents except your valid passport and migration card that you will be given onboard. To get a tour ticket you need to order a tour program with the help of our company and give us a photo copy of your passport. The tour ticket will be sent to you electronically and you should have it while passing the port customs.

Essentials to Remember

  1. No-Visa Entry is only for 72 hours and only for cruise ship passengers.
  2. A tour confirmation from a Russian travel company is needed to go ashore.
  3. You are required to depart and return to the port with the tour, you do not have the option to stay in St. Petersburg and return to the ship on your own.
  4. You may disembark independently if you have a valid Russian visa (can be arranged with our help).

Special Note

Cruise passengers are free to use any authorized local travel agencies (not only cruise ship companies) for visa-free shore tours.